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Medical writing

Our scientifically trained writers ensure your manuscript meets the high standards of top peer reviewed journals.

We assess suitable journals based on long research and publication experience.

Our proven track record in medical publishing increases your papers’ chances of acceptance.

Investigator meetings

We handle it all – from project management through scientific materials to branding of the event.

Our KOL relationships ensure peer-to-peer level communication.

Need to document and leverage the meeting? Our media team knows how.

Positioning and data-driven brand story development

With >10 years commercial and research experience we have the perfect view of how your data fit the brand story.

Knowing the playing field gives us the critical perspective of how your data will perform in the fight for scientific share of voice.


Client: Academic institute of social and preventive medicine based in Switzerland

Need: High-impact positioning and presentation of public-health data on antiretroviral treatment adherence in Sub-Saharan Africa for scientific publication.

Challenge: Complex research project with large set of data. Client was swimming in all interesting findings, lacked overview and saw no clear way forward.

Our solution: Analysis of data together with client; identification and prioritisation of key findings and their implications; advice on journal and positioning of data; continual advice and feedback on manuscript during the preparation process for maximum impact and accessibility.

Outcome: The manuscript was accepted at first submission and achieved ‘Highly accessed’ status with 1450 accesses from publisher web site within 2.5 months of publication.