Medical marketing communications


Maximal leverage of clinical data

Our people have >10 years experience from major corporate companies and agencies.

We ensure all communications are aligned with brand stories – or develop the story together with you.

Innovative use of media and communication channels

Our designers merge long experience of traditional media and cutting-edge knowledge of new media.

When your customers move to new sources of information — you find us already there!

Immediate and accessible messages based on solid facts

Our journalists and scientists bring out the best in each other.

We understand the process all the way from the clinical study protocol to the press release.

We know how far data can be stretched without losing credibility.


Client: Large, international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland

Need: Improved communications skills for outcomes research group to improve internal and external visibility.

Challenge: Broaden awareness of accessible communication and message-based presentations of data in in a team of highly specialised experts.

Our solution: Small-group workshop introducing key communications concepts, followed by individual coaching sessions on specific projects challenging clients to widen horizons and use skills more effectively

Outcome: Clear increase in accessibility of internal and external communications; greater team awareness the range of internal and external audiences; team achieved greater exposure internally; improved cross-functional interactions between expert teams; improved interactions between headquarters  and country affiliates.