Our Team


Pelle Stolt (Owner at MagliaRotta, Basel, Switzerland)

For variety of experience, Pelle Stolt’s record over the last 20 years  is hard
to beat: journalist; scientist with a PhD in molecular biology;
communications manager with big pharma and device companies;
medical communcations expert with international agencies.
As owner of MagliaRotta he is now where he wants to be: developing
content and advising clients in academic research and commercial
MagliaRotta’s tagline, “now it’s clear” encapsulates Pelle’s strengths.
All deliverables, whether strategic advice or content, share the same
characteristics: clarity, brevity, solid fact-based credibility and always with
an understanding of the client’s specific needs.

Isabel le Galo (Owner at Le Galo & Partners Communication in Spain and


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Wim Verstappen (Owner at Push Pin bv, Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Wim’s ambition has always been “To make the difference” whether as
designer, process developer or as project manager.

This vision took him a variety of to roles in the past: leader of a desktop-
publishing group within a highly regulated environment (ISO), manager
of the international translation and design group of a US-based healthcare
company and international web master.

With such achievements under his belt, Wim was ready to push his vision
into new challenges, founding Push Pin bv in 2010
Together with Ralf, Pelle  and Isabelle, Wim is a founding partner of The
Cloud Agency.

Wim’s varied experience ensures that his high energy, innovative thinking on
design and outstanding knowledge of new media are complemented by an
unusual obsession with quality, cycle-time and cost control.

Ralph Bock (Owner at Thecloudagency.de, Düsseldorf, Germany)

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