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Strategic communications with solid credibility

We work with a long-term perspective for sustainable strategies.

Our understanding of your audiences guarantees no overselling.

Knowing the playing field gives us the critical perspective of how your data will perform in the fight for scientific share of voice.

Thorough understanding of science and marketing

Our people have >10 years experience from major corporate companies and agencies.

We have enough PhDs in-house  to ensure your project will hit the ground running.

Creative approach with commercial focus

We know what makes your business tick – we have all been there.

Our local experience of major key markets ensures we know that your messages will fly.


Client: Large, international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland

Need: Rapid design and production of branded, boxed binders and content dividers for core pricing and reimbursement information package for use at at internal brainstorm session.

Challenge: Design, production and delivery within two weeks. Competitors’ turnaround time for similar, specialised binders is 3-4 weeks.

Our solution: 24/7 commitment during two weeks. Rapid production of draft designs based on thorough understanding of product, objectives of brainstorm and pricing positioning. Structured minimised review rounds with client. Client was challenged to deliver branding templates within two days of awarding the contract and to be available for rapid review at our own level of dedication. Utilisation of our specialist network for swiftest and most economical production within deadline. Personal delivery to ensure no hiccups at the last second.

Outcome: Delivery of full package on site one day ahead of meeting – full client satisfaction.